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What does success mean to you?

Success means to me is divided into three parts one is hard-working second is focusing on your gwith. Third one is being happy in you'e life my opinion if you go with this these-part you are a successful person. The first part hardworking help you a lot to achieve your goals and you can jump more step in your life. The second one is to focus if you have this mentality of just seeing you're path and not being distracted by people you are a successful person. The third one is to be happy one of a key in the world be happy in your life but most people don't have it. if you file that you are unhappy in your life it means that you are an unsuccessful person in your life. Do everything make you happy one thing I analyze is that in society you live to give meaning to you're successful I think that is wrong you give meaning for you're success. Success to me has tee part and don't think a lot of people though because put you behind your gold. Finally focused on your goals and work hard also be happy.

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