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What I have Learned from Unit 1 Calculus

We have studied the many kinds of functions and corresponding characteristics throughout this course. We can describe connections among variables using functions, which are mathematical tools. An example of a function with several terms is a polynomial, which can be applied to approximate other functions. Trigonometric functions are those that connect a triangle's angles and side ratios. The two types of functions that depict growth and decay are exponential and logarithmic. We can benefit from understanding these functions in many facets of our lives. For instance, understanding exponential functions might help us better comprehend how compound interest rates impact our investments and debts. The measurement of a substance's pH or measuring earthquake magnitudes are two examples of challenges involving magnitude orders that can be resolved with the aid of logarithmic functions. Trigonometric functions are also widely employed in the design and construction of structures in the domains of engineering, physics, and architecture. For instance, trigonometric functions are able to plan suspension bridges or determine the angles and lengths of trusses in a roof. Lastly, polynomials have several uses, including modelling supply and demand curves in economics and fitting data to curves in statistics. Overall, being aware of the characteristics and uses of such functions can be quite beneficial for both our personal and professional life.

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