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Your way through Engineering

Engineering, which falls under applied science, Is and important and useful science for humanity. Engineering is known as a bridge between scientific discovery and product application. because it's mostly concentrated on making products and inventing new things according to knowledge gathered from scientists. Research and information from scientists helps engineers to invent operational and substantial products that help and benefit human life and change their condition for better. Engineering could be divided into some major subdivisions such as civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, chemical and industrial engineering. If you want to be an engineer in any sub, you better have some general qualities like being good at math, being creative and always being welcoming to new ideas and being exact and paying attention to details.

General education that is required for engineering include courses related to mathematics, Physics, Mechanics modules chemistry, statistics and fluid mechanics.

If you want to spend more time exploring professionally through the engineering world, you should study bachelor's and even more specialized, getting a master or PHD which requires more technical study in university. Therefore you will be able to create a better scientific condition and serve humanity.

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