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Finance 12

This course is designed to address the main concerns of today's world financial illiteracy. According to recent surveys, Canadians are facing with serious financial challenges that mostly come from lack of knowledge. It is possible that we don’t know what we don’t know. Within this course, you get into a journey to acquire valuable financial and economic education. It is expected that students make wiser and smarter decisions after taking the course.’Personal finance and money management course’ does not intend to give any tax, insurance, investments or give any product and services


Finance 12

Extent: University Preparation
  • Course registration at Arkana Education has 2 simple steps:

    1- Application Form 

    2- Tuition Payment


    First, click on the link: Arkana Education Application Form. Make sure that you mention the course name and code correctly on the application form.

    In order to complete the registration with this course, click on the "Tuition Payemnt" button above and complete the payment.

    After completing these two steps, you will receive an email from Arkana Education Admissions with more information regarding the start of your course.

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