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The Pretty Woman

The pretty woman is a beautiful lady and so lonely and kind. She is French with amazing style who walks down the street. The singer stays at the middle of same street which lady is passing by and smile at the singer. The singer has stopped walking and stare at that pretty lady. He fell in love in one glance and suddenly asked lady to stay tonight with me and have a gorgeous night together.

The singer is a thin guy with black suit and french hat who is alone and feeling sad.

It doesn't matter for him if she is the prettiest woman but she is the best in his mind.

The street is not busy and narrow street. She just walk down the hill and singer stayed at the middle of the street while sadly sing for her. She just passed the singer and didn't look at him or give him any attention. He became so sad and fell broken inside.

He just wanted to try his chance one more time, Finally achieve her kind attention. Yes, she walked back towards him.

He doesn't look like sad like before. It was not that much difficult to find how he was deeply happy now.

He knew that he shouldn't give up then he tried his best so he got the result.

Mojtaba Nazari Nia

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