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Arkana Education - Life Long Learners Department

Become an Online Teacher with

Arkana Online Teaching Program

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Ana P. Morales

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  • Online

  • Private

  • Coaching



  • OCT Member/Candidate

  • Teaching/Tutoring Experience

  • Passing the Interview Process

Program Include:

  1. Online Webinar

  2. Workshop(s)

  3. On to One Coaching


FREE of Charge

Teaching in the 21st Century

This program will provide you with the knowledge and experience that changes your teaching career FOREVER! During the one to one coaching part of this program, teacher candidates will experience designing courses standardized and accredited by the ministry of education. During the workshop, candidates will review and observe sample courses and will feel the excitement of being part of the Online Teachers Club. By participating in the Webinar, scheduled on Dec. 21st, 2019, you will learn about the structure of this program, with no charge for a limited time. 

          Part 1: WEBINAR

Arkana Education has decided to run "Teaching in the 21st Century" twice each semester. By participating in one of the online webinars provided by Arkana Education, you can receive more information regarding the registration process. During the webinar, candidates will also get familiar with the structure, purpose, and process of this program. You can register for the upcoming webinar here:




          Unit 2: WORKSHOP
During the workshop, teacher candidates will experience designing some key components of an online course. They will also get introduced to THE BEST online education platform exist in the market. An 8 hours workshop is not going to get our licensed instructors and teachers to transfer all their knowledge and experience to you. We refer to the Workshop as a simplified structure plus the sample result of the Coaching Course. The registration process, prerequisites, and participation details will be announced at the end of the Webinar.

          Unit 3: Coaching Course - Available ONLY in Private Sessions
At the end of this course, you will have an online course of yourself, with your own design and based on your teaching style supervised by a licensed inspected high school. By completing this program, you can change and upgrade your teaching style to the most upgraded and updated educational system in the world. The duration of this course will depend on the course teachability as well as the progression rate, anywhere between 2 to 6 months. You can gain teaching experience, design skills, and create an extra income source ALL IN ONE PROGRAM. 

FREE of Charge

Registration Process:

  1. Participate in one introduction Webinar

  2. Register and participate in the Workshop

  3. Complete the Online Teaching Coaching Program

FREE of Charge

*For other methods of payments contact us.

Online Teaching Registration
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