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Shout out to all physics 12 takers!!

Have you already taken the course? Or do you still think about it? Let me bring some facts to the light, taking Physics12 online could be the best move or a big mistake. However, it totally depends on your ability to learn online and interests in physics.

SPH4U is generally understanding the basic concepts. You will continue to dig in more into kinematics, energy transformations and the forces that affect motion. There will be

complicated and new lessons as well, such as rotational motion, electrical, gravitational, and magnetic fields and the wave nature of light. As a student who enjoys learning physics and math stuff, I basically found this course favorable and even quite confusing. Fortunately, there were many videos in the slides to help me out when I got stuck.

My advice for you guys is to take physics 12 only if it's a prerequisite to your program or if you really love it. Hence, first check your program requirements on the university website which you applied for. If you were demanded to take the course; then, go for it.

Moreover, if you are taking it, only due to your passion; you still benefit from adding knowledge and information in the science field, especially if you plan on pursuing this path in the future.

Ultimately, even if you only require, for example two sciences and one math course, you are still giving yourself an advantage by studying more science courses. If you feel that it might be too much work and unnecessary, which will result in lowering your grade average, then you can leave it be (especially if you don't need it). At the end of the day, universities will look at if you have met the required courses for admission, as well as your overall grade average.


Rozhin Ebadi

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